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With a product line of over 500 SKU's supported by 160,000 square feet of manufacturing capability, Estate Products offers:

Chimney Products

  • cast dampers
  • cast cleanout doors
  • cast ash dumps
  • flue liners
  • firebrick
  • fire mortar & fire clay
  • more

Natural Limestone

  • keystones
  • address stones
  • sills, headers
  • caps
  • coping
  • more 


  • access doors
  • flashing
  • vents
  • anchor bolts
  • window area walls
  • more 


  • lintels
  • wall ties
  • wall tie nails
  • metal lath
  • weeps
  • more

Another innovative Estate Products offering is our "Brickyard-to-Builder" program.  We supply our brick distributor customers with a special 16-page, full color, non-branded catalog that they in turn can personalize and give to their customers as their own.
To learn more about our complete line of products, please give our sales team a call:  800.264.5141. 


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