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What is the ArchClip™ System?

  • A new patent-pending system that dramatically reduces the time, expense and waste involved in building masonry arches
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial use
  • Installed in under five minutes by one mason!
  • Has two basic components:  The ArchClip and The ArchStrip

Read more about the ArchClip in Masonry Construction magazine!

To build an arch in four simple steps:

1.  Using the insert as a guide, fasten the clips around the
perimeter of the window ledge with a nail. The backing acts as a
water-tight sealant to the puncture!  Remove the insert.


2.  Feed the strip into the mouth of each clip (with the ArchClip System, it only takes ONE PERSON to form an arch!).


3.  Construct the masonry arch.


4.  Remove the strip with the back of a hammer.  The strip can be re-used.


*NOTE:  The brick weight does not rest on the window!   
After the ArchStrip is removed there is a perfect 3/32" gap for caulking


For extra large arches, use two ArchStrips end-to-end, positioning an ArchClip to receive both the second end of the first ArchStrip and the first end of the second ArchStrip.  Therefore, no welding is required.


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